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Pakistan has never been an easy place for court marriages.  You have to hire a lawyer and have to do a lot in order to get your marriage registered. But here at court, you would find this a very easy task. Because our lawyers are the world’s best and can provide you with all the legal aid that you need. Moreover, all your legal documentation and procedures will be our responsibility and we will ensure the smooth process of your case.

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We, at court marriages. pk, pledge to provide our clients with assistance on all the legal procedures and top-notch services regarding their marriages and divorces. Our main legal services that our clients can avail of are mentioned below:

Nikah nama Form - CM

Nikah Registration

NADRA Marriage Certificates

Divorce Deeds

Permission for Second Marriage Form - CM

Permission for Second Marriage

Nikah registration:

Our lawyers will become your right hand in registering your Nikah. Our legal team will make sure to state the agreements made during the Nikah process between the couple as per the law.

Marriage certification from NADRA:

One of the most important things after a Nikah is to get a NADRA marriage certificate. We will assist you in this regard as well and will ensure smooth certification of your marriage from Nadra.

Divorce papers:

Lawyers at are experienced in divorce deeds. They will send your divorce papers on your behalf so that you do not face any hurdles in the process of getting a divorce.

Permission for Second marriage:

For the second marriage, the husband has to get his first wife’s consent as per the law.  Our firm will be responsible for providing all the legal documents during the process. Because our lawyers also specialize in second marriage cases.

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Why choose

  • Full confidentiality

We will provide your marriage full security and there will be no fear of getting caught. Because our lawyers can deal with their cases in the most confidential way possible. So if it’s your second marriage, a divorce case or court marriage we are here to protect you and your court matters.

  • Expert lawyers

Our firm court marriages. pk has a team of highly professional and expert lawyers who are the best at what they do and they take care of their clients’ preferences. If you are naive, You need not worry about anything as our lawyers will assist you in all possible ways.

  • Affordable legal services

You can get all the legal services regarding your marital procedures in one place. Moreover, all our services are affordable and would cost you a lot. Therefore, a wise move would be to consult us for any legal issue related to your marriage and get it sorted at reasonable rates.

  • Free consultation

Client’s usually spend a lot on paid consultations but one of the best things about our firm is the free consultation option. Our team will guide you about the procedure and legal way that you can opt. Moreover, they will get you in touch with a suitable lawyer that meets your requirements.

  • Only a 3-hour marriage process

Generally, court marriages take away too much time in documentation and legal procedures. However, our lawyers can make this process easier and quicker. You just have to spend 3 hours in the court with us and we will make sure to cover everything.

  • Easy certification

For registering your court marriage, divorce and second marriage you need to do a lot of certification and documentation. However, court marriages. pk will save you the trouble of doing it all by yourself. Because Our team will get all the documents and certificates for you.

So just call us or email us at our email address and book our services now.

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