how to make your love marriage possible through court

How to make your love marriage possible through court?

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Court marriage is a little complex process without any help and you usually have to get through it alone. But if you want to know how to make your love marriage possible through court? Just read this article and we will guide you through the whole procedure.

Procedure for love marriage through court

The first step to court marriage through court is to get the Nikah done as per Islamic rules and regulations. You can get it done in two ways. One way is to do it privately with the help of a Nikah registrar or in your lawyer’s office. And the second option is to get it done in court in presence of your lawyers and Registrar. Once the Nikah happens you would have completed the most important steps of any love marriage. Without proper Nikah, there is no legal value of any Muslim marriage. After the Nikah, your lawyer will help you register your Nikah in court and will also let you record your 164 statement so that the court can declare the couple as husband and wife.

Eligibility and documentation for court marriage

Any Muslim adult who wants to marry the love of his life is eligible for a court marriage. Both religion and law are in favour of court marriage and allow it. However, the girl should be over 16 years and the boy should be at least 18 years old to attempt court marriage. In addition, the couple should have a few important documents with them at the time of court marriage including

● Both must have a valid CNIC
● Should have a B form in case of no CNIC
● Passport size photos of both bride and groom

Apart from these documents, the Nikah must be conducted in front of two witnesses. In short, if you follow the correct procedure, you can easily marry anyone you like.

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