Make your Love Marriage Come True

Make Your love marriage come true

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Talking about love marriage in Pakistan has been taboo for so many years. But during the past few years, people have started talking about their choice when it comes to choosing a life partner. If you also have someone that you want to marry, but you have restrictions from the family you can freely contact us.


How can you make your love marriage dreams come true?

With our services, it is now easier to marry anyone that you like. You just have to contact our firm and we will arrange everything for you. You can hire any court marriage lawyer of your own choice and he will become your assistance in the whole legal process. But, first, you will have to perform your Nikah in presence of two witnesses and the Nikah registrar. The registrar will provide you with the Nikah Nama which is one of the most crucial documents when it comes to Court marriage. After that, you can get a lawyer and he will guide you about further proceedings.


Court marriage legal issues:

There are a few legal complications that can become a hurdle in your love marriage. But, if your lawyer is compatible enough to tackle all your legal issues then you won’t face any problems. Firstly, he will get you police protection from the court, which is very necessary if your family is threatening you. Secondly, your lawyer will prepare an affidavit of free will for the bride. She has to sign this very important affidavit as it states that she has done the court marriage by her own choice. Finally, the lawyer will guide you and help you in testifying and recording your statements in court. So before going for court marriage make sure to contact one of our lawyers and remain hassle-free.

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