Permission for Second Mariage

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Permission for second Marriage in Karachi, Pakistan

Second marriage or bigamy is allowed in Islam and Pakistani Law also permits it. But there are a few complications one might have to face while going for a second marriage. One of the most crucial requirements for a second marriage is permission. This permission has to be taken from the first wife and the husband can only marry another woman if he has written permission from his first wife.

How can a husband get permission for a Second marriage?

If a man has married once and now wants to marry someone else, he first has to seek written permission from his first wife. He will have to state his reasons for the second marriage and if the wife agrees she can grant permission in written form. However, most first wives tend not to allow their husbands to have a second marriage. Therefore, the man can go to the union council and state his reasons for a second Marriage. If the union council permits the husband after reviewing his reasons, the husband can marry even without the wife’s permission.

Permission for Second Marriage Form - CM

What would happen if the husband married twice without permission?

If the husband marries in secrecy without the wife’s permission, he is accountable in front of the court. The wife can file a lawsuit against her husband who has married another woman even without informing her. If she proves that she has not been informed then the court can fine the husband. The second marriage, however, will remain legal and will not be dissolved.

To sum it up, the husband can marry without his first wife’s permission but not without informing her. Because in such a case he might have to face court and pay a fine of upto 50,000rs.