The Easiest way to perform muslim nikah in Court

The easiest way to perform Muslim nikah in court

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Nikah is the foundation of all Muslim marriages, without Nikah Nama marriages, are baseless. So it is compulsory for Muslims to conduct the Nikah ceremony before marriage. Moreover, in Court marriage cases too, Nikah must be the first step. So what is the easiest way to perform Muslim Nikah in Court?

One of the easiest ways to perform Nikah in court is to get the procedure done via a verified court marriage lawyer. And, the best way to find suitable lawyers for your Court marriage Nikah is to visit our (website link) list of lawyers and hire the one who meets your criteria.

How to perform Nikah in court:

If you consult our lawyer for your Nikah procedure then do not worry about anything. As the lawyer will arrange everything and will conduct the procedure safely. You can also perform your Nikah in court but that would not be safe and private due to the crowded courtrooms. So it’s better to perform the ceremony at our office with full privacy. Our lawyers will get it done in front of the authorised Nikah registrar. And, once the registrar gets the Nikah done, our lawyer will further take your matters to court.

Criteria and documentation required for Nikah in court:

The basic criteria for court marriage are the age limit of both bride and groom. The boy must be above 18 and the girl must be above 16 to go on with court marriage. Moreover, you need at least 2 witnesses who can testify to your Nikah later. However, you do not need your parents’ permission for court marriage. In addition, your Lawyer would like you to have the following documents on hand:

● CNIC (both girl’s and boy’s)
● Passport-sized photos (both girl’s and boy’s)
● Birth certificate or B form (in case CNIC is not available)

In short, if you have a valid CNIC then our lawyers will have no issues in conducting your Nikah. So just call us any time and get your Nikkah done in full privacy and support.

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