Why Court Marriage is better than Arrange Marriage

Why Court Marriage is better than Arranged Marriage?

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This debate has been going on for a few years and no one has a perfect answer for this. But we have created a list of a few pros and cons of court marriage so that the readers can decide on their own.

Pros of court marriage:

You can marry the one you love:

One of the main benefits of getting a court marriage done is you can marry by your own choice. In arranged marriages, you have to marry the person who is your family’s choice. Therefore, a lot of young couples tend to go for a court marriage as they want a life partner of their own choice.

No dowry or major expenses:

We as a society love to show off during our arranged marriages and this can cause an issue for the couple’s families. However, if one goes for court marriage they can avoid all these expenses and will only have to pay the lawyer.

The bond between husband and wife gets stronger:

Couples who go through the process of court marriage tend to have a stronger bond than those who agree to an arranged marriage. They already love each other and the testing process of court marriage makes their bond even stronger. Arranged marriages however lack this type of bonding.

Cons of court marriage:

No family support:

Mostly the couples who go for court marriage do not get the support of their families. Even the girl often has to leave her family forever. While in arranged marriages families are the biggest support.

Complex legal procedures:

If you are planning on a court marriage you might have to go through a complex legal procedure. You will have to hire a lawyer, go to court, record statements and in the worst case,you will get life threats as well.

To sum it up, if you are wondering whether court Marriage is better than Arranged Marriage or not, read this article and weigh the pros and cons of both Marriages and then decide for yourselves.

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